I see your true colors shining through

13 Apr

There is a significant chance that people’s behavior at the gym correlates with their true personalities. Not one single ounce of their demeanor is masked by false pretenses while working out. I solely base this hypothesis off of my own observations. I was at the YMCA yesterday and as I was getting off the elliptical I see this woman in spandex and a cut-off t-shirt on the bike. She is older than my 24 years of age and probably in her late 40s. Let’s call her Deborah, because I feel like it is appropriate for her appearance. An older woman dressed like someone who just finished an 80s music video usually isn’t an odd sight at 6:30 PM at the gym, but Deborah is doing something unusual that catches my eye. She is pumping her fists in the air as if she is punching out Mike Tyson in the boxing ring and she is speeding on the bike like the Wicked Witch of the West. I brush it off and think maybe she is just having a hard core work-out. So, I go to the women’s locker room to lift free weights. I try to turn on my iPOD and it is dead – no chance of bringing it back to life even for one song – it is completely dead. So I start lifting weights in utter silence, counting the reps in my head: one, bicep curl; two, this is only 10 pounds; three, I wish I was at home right now…and in walks Deborah. She has headphones on and the music is blaringly loud. Her headphones are screaming the words “Let’s get physical, physical…” and above all, it is the techno version. I know this because I can hear the rapid bass through her headphones. So, now I have this mental image of Deborah at the club pumping her fists in the air, with her fingers clenched around glow sticks, as she is moving her feet in the motion of peddling a bicycle, all the while this techno version of Olivia Newton-John’s famous song is pounding a rhythmic beat in the background. I smile to myself because no other song would be that fitting for someone like Deborah. Now, I know you’re thinking that I don’t even know Deb. But, after observing her behavior in the gym after about 10 minutes, I feel like I’ve known her for a lifetime.

One Response to “I see your true colors shining through”

  1. Jim Leyton April 24, 2009 at 2:16 pm #

    Managed to plow thru ur c of trouble, Ali, and shed more tears than Niagara Falls.Before u do anything rash, please remember that all these bad things r getting out of the way to make room for wonderful things to come.Love u — Jim / Grampa

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