Garbage for sale‏

30 Apr

I was walking out of work today and the city was unusually quiet. No one was bustling to their cars like they normally do at 5:15 in the afternoon. The only sound was the whistling of the wind ripping through the vacant streets. The wind was sensationally strong and the sky was painted with a pink pastel. I looked down at my feet and saw I had a piece of newspaper wrapped around my ankle. As I reached down to untangle the comic strips from my once-clean slacks, I saw tons of other trash dancing around the streets – a beer can, a cigarette butt, a drug dealer – no, I didn’t really see that but it honestly would not have been that unusual for downtown Atlanta. As I was saying, everyone’s dirty garbage was swirling around the city at high speeds. People’s vices that typically result from issues with their jobs, school, or relationships were all coming at me like a hurricane.

I know everyone in the world has hardships and I wish I could make all those worries vanish by just snapping my fingers up in the air, saying “Make it work!” like Tim Gunn on Project Runway. But, unfortunately it doesn’t happen like that. Sometimes people have to play the game of life just like the board game – the one with the little blue and pink pegs that are supposed to represent people that cruise around in multi-colored cars, which carries the player from college life to retirement within a matter of an hour. By spinning the wheel continuously in Life, you advance to different spaces and eventually win the game by landing on Millionaire Estates. In real life if you keep spinning the wheel (or keep trying) maybe you will get to a place that will bring whatever your true happiness may behold. If you take care of yourself and find the place that holds your treasure, you will be better equipped to help others in reaching that same point in their life. Thus, we’d have fewer problems and less garbage hanging around.

We all have to keep living day to day by stepping forward and walking toward our vision of life. So, if we have to keep moving forward and we can’t go back in time, why not clean up some portions of our life to make it better along the way?

I think it is time we clean up the streets of our mess and get rid of the trash that is floating around so we can enjoy life a little more. But be sure to flick the speck of dirt out of your own eye so you can see where you’re going and you can better help others. And watch where others are stepping so they don’t end up with the funny pages wrapped around their leg.


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