Before the Proposal

6 Jan
Kevin and I met a little over four years ago in an enchanted bar called Transmetropolitan.  With the lingering smells of pizza and beer, Kevin swept me off my feet during an intense game of darts.  How could one not fall in love in such a romantic setting?  From that day forward we were inseparable. 
We moved in with each other shortly after we started dating.  I’ll never forget my dad’s reaction to hearing the news, “What does he do?  What do his parents do for a living?  How long have you known each other?  Did you ask him to move in together or did he ask you?”  You get the point – he wasn’t thrilled. 
We started off living in a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment in Athens, GA.  I was gone most of the time with my new job that stuck me in Cleveland, OH for several months at a time.  But when I was home, it was complete lunacy.  We had no personal space and we were still in college mode, which is a lethal combination.  I knew if we could survive that, then we could stand together until the end of time.
Kevin graduated from the University of Georgia and my company moved me to Atlanta, GA.  We learned from our mistake of our last living arrangement and decided to upgrade to a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment.  Needless to say we were much more comfortable with that style of living.  Kevin got a great job with a company where he is still employed.  I was working evenings (wait, that sounds bad…let me finish!) as a call center manager at a (noble) company that assists universities and non-profits in fund-raising for their annual funds.  The difference in our work hours meant that we never got to see each other except when I would come home to say goodnight to Kevin and he would wake me up in the morning to say good-bye for the day.  So, when my client offered me a job with day hours and great benefits I quickly jumped on it.  After the job change, we moved to a different apartment because of unruly neighbors and a kitchen equipped with appliances that resembled something like an easy bake oven – need I say more?
The most important point I wanted to make in this blog is that through these little life experiences we have become one another’s best friend.  This brief history of our relationship somewhat tells you about the journey we’ve already shared.  What has not been captured in this blog is the love we’ve shared for each other over the past four years that has brought us to a point where we want to spend our lives, one by one, together.

One Response to “Before the Proposal”

  1. Anonymous January 7, 2010 at 9:37 am #

    I am sure you sweep Kevin off his feet first with your charming smile!Mom

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