The Proposal

7 Jan
Kevin and I went to St. Augustine, FL for New Year’s Eve.  Leading up to the evening of New Year’s, we tasted wine and toured the San Sebastian Winery; we climbed 219 stairs to the top of the Lighthouseand we ate lunch at an amazing vegan restaurant called The Present Moment Cafe.  We were pretty exhausted after a fun-filled day, so we decided to have a simple dinner.  After I called a few restaurants to check their availability, I chanced across a cute Greek restaurant that was not booked for the holiday. 

We had a delicious meal of grape leaves, Greek salads, and spinach pies topped off with red wine and chocolate peanut pie at Athena Restaurant.  After we were filled to the brims of good food and drink, we ventured over to the Unnamed Bar.  Our cab driver from the previous night, “Captain Ed,” recommended the bar.  I believe “Captain Ed” had good intentions when he told us to check out that place, but we weren’t in the mood to stand at a crowded bar all night and listen to an all white Rastafarian band attempt to play reggae.

So, we left and walked around the plaza in the downtown St. Augustine area.  The plaza was still covered in Christmas lights, which created a very romantic setting.  We sat on a bench near a fountain for a little while and then walked to the other side of the square where a gazebo was located.  We started to walk up the gazebo stairs and realized there was a homeless man sleeping on the floor of the gazebo with an empty pizza box next to his head.  Kevin exclaimed, “I thought I heard snoring!”  We didn’t want to disturb his deep slumber, so we continued to walk around the square.  Kevin suggested we go back to the fountain because there was no place to sit, seeing as the gazebo was occupied.  

Once we sat down near the fountain, Kevin fumbled with his jacket and looked around to make sure there were not a lot of people walking by us so we could have a private moment.  He said sweet things like “I love you” and would then kiss me, but I could tell he was stalling to say what he really wanted to express.  I giggled and he asked why I was laughing.  I said “You’re just being silly is all.” 

He then said, “Well I have a question to ask you.”  Kevin then got on one knee, presented me with an open ring box and asked “Will you marry me?” 

With tears in my eyes, I exclaimed, “Of course I’ll marry you!”  He got back on the bench and handed me the box.  

I asked “Aren’t you supposed to put the ring on my finger?” 

With a silly grin on his face he asked back, “Oh is that how it works?”  We then took a bunch of pictures for our parents and started to walk around again to look at more of the lights. 

It was a very sweet proposal – I loved how it completely portrayed Kevin’s personality.  The proposal also showed how we define our relationship – full of love and laughter.  This picture sums up how we felt the night of the engagement:

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