Bride of Frankenstein? No thank you!

12 Feb

I would have felt the same way about my upcoming wedding as the Bride of Frankenstein if I did not use Atlanta Bridal’s website to find Atlanta wedding locations.

At first, Kevin and I were thinking of having our wedding in St. Augustine, FL, where he proposed.  I was stressed trying to communicate with these venues that were over 300 miles away.  The only lines of contact were e-mail and the venues’ websites.  Some of the websites barely had any pictures on them and of the pictures that were posted, it was hard to tell if it was what we were looking for in a wedding venue.  Then, one night my parents suggested we look in Atlanta because we might be happily surprised with what we find.  I argued that we wanted a destination wedding and Atlanta didn’t seem all that great of a choice to us.  My dad always has great advice and he said something along the lines of, “It may not be a destination to you, but it would be a destination to the out-of-town guests.” 

I went home that night after talking with my parents and thought, ‘How do I even start a search for Atlanta wedding venues?’  The metro-Atlanta area encompasses so many different types of towns and I really didn’t know where to begin my quest to find the perfect wedding venue.  So I typed in Google “Atlanta wedding venues” and Atlanta Bridal’s website was the first result to pop up.  And, boy am I glad that I found this website!  

Atlanta Bridal’s website is genius – it’s a time saver, stress free, and subdues most psychological problems the bride-to-be might face during the wedding planning process. Not to mention, it completely changed my mind about having my wedding in Atlanta. I was able to search historic homes, which is the type of place Kevin and I liked for our wedding, and I’ve already found some great places. I’ve already visited six venues and and I also have appointments with a few other locations in the next week.  Kevin and I have done all that and we’ve only been engaged for a little over a month!    

The creator of, Lei Lydle, said in her welcoming e-mail:

I hope you will use all of the site’s resources – they are designed to help [and]…relieve some of the stress of your wedding planning experience… Thank you for choosing to help you plan your wedding!

No, Lei, thank you times a million!!  Without you I would have had a streak of grey in my hair and looked like I was constantly singing opera.


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