Paper Heart’s Quest for Love

8 Mar

Kevin and I recently watched the movie Paper Heart, which starred Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi. The theme of the movie was to discover the meaning of love. Charlyne Yi interviewed a wide variety of people from all over the U.S. She received answers that scaled from a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary to high school seniors on the brink of marriage. Yi got responses from individuals that ranged from a playground full of young kids to a motorcycle gang. Not one answer was alike when she asked “what is love?”

As Kevin and I prepare to get married, Paper Heart got me thinking what would my answer be to the popular question “what is love?” I’ve always believed there are all types of love, so my answer came from the romantic point of view. Even as an aspiring writer, it was extremely hard for me to put my response in words, but this is what I landed on:

Love is two souls balancing each other emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. It is the respect for the other person’s being in both their shortcomings and their strengths. Love is finding your equilibrium in life that creates an indescribable feeling. It is when two hearts are overwhelmingly content with one another. Love is an emotion that connects two people that is never the same with any other person.

It was not hard for me to believe that everyone’s answer in the movie, Paper Heart, was different when Yi questioned the meaning of love. With so many various opinions on the definition of love, the word “love” becomes so powerful. People may never agree on what love means, but it is worth a moment for people to take the time and form their own perspective on love to gain a fuller understanding of themselves and the world around them. I’d like to take Yi’s concept and question my readers, what does love mean to you?


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