Don’t worry about a thing!

24 May

I was telling Kevin the other day that I wanted to start writing again because it has been awhile, but when I logged into my account I was shocked to see that my last entry was two months ago.  I know it has been a busy two months, but I really dropped the ball on this one!

In a nutshell, within the past month, half of the wedding party has moved out of state.  When Kevin and I haven’t been attending going-away parties, we’ve been celebrating birthdays and visiting with out-of-town guests.  Somehow in the midst of it all, we’ve secured an amazing wedding band and an incredibly talented wedding photographer.  Not to mention, the bridesmaids have their dress picked out and are ready to be fitted.

There are definitely more items to check off the wedding to-do list, but everything is really coming together nicely.  My co-worker recently told me that I seem so calm considering I’m in the middle of planning a big wedding.  I think many factors attribute to my collectedness, with the main ingredient being the support system made up of mine and Kevin’s family and friends.  Without them, I would have lost my mind by now. 

Juggling between planning a wedding and keeping my job in line, while also trying to enjoy free time, has been slightly difficult lately.  Even though I sometimes feel like my head is being shaken around like a Boggle board game, once I just deeply breathe all the stress and negativity out of my body, everything comes into perspective.  I was recently told by a wise man that life is all about your reaction to the situation and your perception will determine the final outcome.  I keep trying to tell myself to remain positive and I remind myself of the late Bob Marley’s words, every little thing gonna be all right! 


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