The Beginning

16 Feb

I’ve had several people tell me that I should start a blog for vegetarians where I can share personal recipes and tell about local restaurants that have good veggie options.  I’ve decided to take the challenge, so here it goes…

I’ve been a vegetarian since September of 2009.  There are now many reasons why I’m vegetarian, but I mainly started this journey because of my husband’s health.  Kevin has hypertension which means he can only eat a very limited amount of meat and he’s confined to caffeine-free drinks and low sodium food.  Once Kevin found out about his health issues, he started reading more articles about how to live a healthy lifestyle.  There was one article in particular he sent to me that stands out because that marks the day I decided I’d “try to eat vegetarian”  (warning: don’t read this article if you are interested in eating meat ever again).  The lifestyle and food options were appealing to me (and Kevin), so it stuck.    

Since then I’ve heard many different people’s stories of why they became vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, etc.  I’ve also learned about people who used to be vegetarian and why they switched back to the carnivorous world – which is more fascinating to me than anything else.  I’d like to use this blog to tell my story as the adventure continues.


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