Ma Knows Best: Tofu Scramble

7 Mar

I’m turning into my mother.  Every daughter goes through this realization at some point in their life.  I’ve noticed it more often now, especially when I talk about cooking.

My co-worker asked me if I knew any good breakfast recipes for her vegan visitors.  This was my response:

You should make tofu scramble!  Oh my God, it’s so easy.  All you do is take a pack of tofu – make sure it’s extra firm otherwise it’s not gonna cook right.  Then you hold the block of tofu over an oiled pan and crumble it so it looks like eggs.  Cut up some of your favorite veggies, like zucchini, squash…oh, broccoli is really good…and throw them in the skillet with the tofu.  Bell peppers – mmm, those are good too.  Saute the ingredients all together for about 5-10 minutes and then add turmeric.  It’s spelt t-u-r-m-e-r-i-c.  Don’t use too much though because it’ll be too gritty.  Maybe use 2 teaspoons…I don’t know, just shake it on the tofu and veggies until it looks like the color of eggs.  So easy.  They’ll love it, absolutely love it.

My co-worker was writing furiously on post-it notes to capture this magnificent new recipe.  I went back to my office and then realized, I just pulled a “Joan Leyton.”

I’ll call my mom and she’ll tell me about this new recipe she “just threw together” and I’m listening, scribbling the ingredients and directions as fast as I can.  A few phone calls later I’m still asking questions like “did you say olive oil or vegetable oil?  I only wrote ‘oil'” and I have somewhat recreated my mom’s masterpiece of a dish.

Sometimes it’s too late to find a pen and paper and I’m forced to memorize my mom’s creation.  Times like those, I wind up with half a recipe that says she used vegetarian baked beans to make chili.  Who does that?

My ma (as we say in the North) does and that’s why she’s such a fabulous cook – someone I definitely aspire to become, especially in the kitchen!

If you’d like a recipe of the tofu scramble, that includes exact measurements, visit this site.

Vege-meter: 9


One Response to “Ma Knows Best: Tofu Scramble”

  1. Toni Scheafer March 7, 2011 at 7:19 pm #

    That’s your ma. I am cracking up because you have told it like it is!

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