A Magical Place: Brick Store Pub

14 Mar

From the moment I grasped the tree branch door handle at Brick Store Pub, I knew I was entering a magical place.  This Decatur restaurant is so different from any other pub establishment I’ve ever been. 

When I started to write this blog, I looked at Brick Store’s website to investigate more about them.  Their history revealed even more reasons why I love this place.  The founders lived in Athens, as I have once too, when they came up with the idea to open Brick Store and we were born on the same day – June 27th.  Even before I knew this information, Brick Store was hands down one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta, but now this place is even more special to me. 

To start, their extensive craft beer list understands every kind of beer drinker.  Even if you’re like me and have been naïvely drinking the crappy cheap stuff your whole life, you’ll find something that’s delicious.  By the way, it’s downright embarrassing to hear people ask for a Budweiser there, so just remember you won’t get that garbage at Brick Store. 

My favorite beer on the menu is the Weihenstephaner.  It’s pronounced vihen-stefahna or you can take a listen here.  If that’s too hard to remember, you can take a trick from my friend and say “Gwen Stefani” without the “G” really fast and I’m sure the bartender will know what you’re talking about.  If you’re unfamiliar with this beer, it tastes like Blue Moon or Hoegaarden.  While I stick to the wheat beers, my husband Kevin is more adventurous and tries a new one each time.  I’ll take a sip of his beer, but it’s usually a very “hoppy” beer and I’ll gladly hand it back to him.  

Anyway, I didn’t write this blog to talk about beer, I wrote it to talk about vegetarian food – so on with it already!  Brick Store makes their food from scratch daily.  Before I was vegetarian, I would get the fish and chips and there are two words to describe them – fried goodness.  If you’re pescatarian, go for this dish next time you’re there. 

There are several vegetarian plates, but my favorite is the Veggie Gyro with pasta salad on the side.  The cucumber-dill dressing that’s drizzled in the warm pita is to die for.  My second favorite is the Sweet Potato Curr”ey”.  The chick peas with Indian flavors make my mouth ecstatic.  Kevin’s favorite – which is my third favorite only because the amount of dairy that’s in it is too much for my lactose intolerant body – is the Pierogi Primavera.  Mmm mmm creamy goodness (the word “goodness” could describe anything at Brick Store). 

We haven’t even tried some of the other veggie dishes yet because we’re so addicted to our usual plates.  We’ll wait an hour and a half on the weekends just to get our gyro and pasta – and why not when you’re in food and beer utopia?


One Response to “A Magical Place: Brick Store Pub”

  1. Joan Leyton March 14, 2011 at 1:26 pm #

    I agree about the food, really good and very fresh.

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