Sweet Melissa’s in Decatur: As Sweet as it Sounds

19 Feb

It has been a long time since Kevin and I have gone out to eat brunch on a Sunday.  We usually opt for something easy like cereal, or if we’re feeling real crazy we’ll cook our own brunch completed with sweet potato pancakes, tofu scramble and veggie sausages.  Last Sunday we rolled out of bed and opened the fridge to realize that we had no ingredients for any kind of meal, even cereal. After a few minutes of throwing around restaurant ideas we landed on Sweet Melissa’s in Decatur, Georgia.  Their menu has many veggie options including what I ordered, the Tahini Tofu with hash browns and veggie sausage (pictured above).  They even had soy milk to add as creamer to my delicious coffee – not a common thing to find, even in Decatur.

Kevin ordered the Mad Platter and I now know how they came up with this name.  It was my plate except the tofu scramble was replaced with real eggs and there were two pancakes that came with the meal (pictured left).

To top it all off, on Sundays they have live music covering bands such as The Grateful Dead and Simon & Garfunkel.  We didn’t hear the Allman Brothers’ song Melissa – which I’m assuming the restaurant was named after – but the band was very talented.  We weren’t sure if they are the house band every Sunday, but we sure hope so because we’d like to hear them again when we return (which will be very soon if we have it our way!).


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